Monday, September 05, 2011


I woke up this morning to find that I'd been unfriended by someone on Facebook. I assume that's what happened anyway because I went to see if he responded to my comment on his post and he just doesn't exist on Facebook at all. I think that means that he's blocked me from seeing him, not that he's deleted his account. That would be silly.

He posted something controversial about a VERY controversial topic. I happen to have another friend who just had a tragic experience that (I thought) put this controversial topic in a new light. So I commented. Guess I should have held my tongue instead of trying to stand up for a woman who had just been hurt?

Don't worry that you can't tell me what I should or shouldn't have done. I can't say any more without revealing more than I am comfortable with about my actual friend (who I've only met online). I felt she didn't need to have this bullying status flying around Facebook to potentially land in her news feed without someone standing in her corner. So I stood. And someone that I casually knew in real life years ago decided that he couldn't stand for me to see his statuses and he no longer wanted to see mine. Not much of a loss, except that it bothers me any time a person who claims to be a Christian, to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, is intolerant. He was not tolerant or considerate of the feelings a others. He was harsh and cruel and I don't think he knew it. I guess this post is just because I wanted the conversation to continue, he cut it off, and I can't resist getting in the last word.

No, I just want to write/post more. That's the ticket. Heh.