Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, I admit it, I suck at this blogging thing. I have plenty to say when I read posts on someone else's blog, but then not much left when it comes to here.

And as I go to bed with the children -- literally in our big bed with the two of them -- there isn't that coveted mommy time at the computer after they are sleeping. I'm struggling with how on earth to get The Cupcake to sleep by herself after 9pm instead of on or by me or my husband. Honestly I thought I would be having a problem getting a pacifier away from her at age 3, not getting *me* away from her at 11 months old. Every once in awhile I can roll away from her, put a sleeping Biscuit in his bed and then go see what my guy is up to, but it's rare. I usually fall asleep with them and just get back into whatever side of the bed she has left me after I put him down. It's sad. She's quite the bed-hog and I miss my hubby.

Which is all kind of beside the point because I thought of something to say today. I have a pet peeve language-wise. People breathe in and out, their breath is what they breathe in and out. Use the "e" for the verb, people! And clothes are what we wear. The plural of cloth is cloths. I know it's not following the "add 'es' when the word ends in 'th'" rule, but that's because "clothes" is already a word. Please!

It reminds me of this xkcd comic, except that I've been annoyed with Freecycle and Craigslist, not the whole internet. I've been on them looking for a free or almost-free dryer that is electric. Modifying this rental house for our gas dryer is not going to work. And I can't keep hauling everything to the laundromat as that is too expensive in both time and money. Ack. Whine.

Off to make grilled cheese! Ever tried it with a slice of tomato? Mmm. Excellent. Better than with ham. Even better still is with both ham and tomato!