Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We made it!

We're no longer without phone, at this point only have dial-up internet on a shared computer, but we are here. We got snow that stuck for a bit Sunday night/Monday morning. (Photos are on DropShots; email me if you need more instructions than that.) We found a leak with the sink the first day we were here that turned out to need a plumber. Lucky for us our landlord seems to have called a good one: his name is Bob and he owns the company, he came out himself on a Saturday call with an apprentice, and they both wore booties over their shoes when they were in the house. All very good signs. He found that the disposal was old to the point of uselessness, wired in wrong and didn't have a trap in the drain. This was how we learned that traps are not just a way to retrieve things that drop down the drain but also so that sewer gas can't come in. The fix we are left with means that things are to code, but we have no disposal -- but also no leaks. He is getting us a bid for running a gas line for our dryer, but has concerns that the line isn't big enough. The example he gave my husband was that if we turn on the dryer while cooking dinner the stove may turn off. Whee! But to my mind not that different from waiting to run the dishwasher because someone is in the shower. He's going to get back to us with an estimate. We are both glad that we got to see his work on the landlord's dime before we incur any costs with the dryer line.

Other fun things we've found about the house: one phone jack and it's in the playroom, no insulation in the crawl space so the floors are freezing, the little electric zone heaters (Hubby calls them in-wall hair dryers) make the electric meter spin like a whirling dervish.

At this point our priorities are to get coverings on the windows so that our heat will stop pouring out, a rug for the kids' playroom so it can be used without us practically bundling up in coats, and all the boxes unpacked and outta here. We are going to get a mattress for The Biscuit and put it on the floor and move The Cupcake from our bed where she spends most nights (and some daytime meals/naps). He has been falling asleep on his own in our bed or on the floor instead of the elongated ritual he needed to fall asleep before. Thank goodness, because he's so heavy now.

The Biscuit is having a serious bout of "I used to be an only child"-itis. I think it's the stress of the very slow packing job combined with being on the road again combined with being in a new place. Lots of the rules are different (needing to keep clothing on because it's cold comes to mind first) and I think it will just take time to adapt.

Which reminds me, we have to figure out how to get him services and find a play group. More to-dos and phone calls. Guess I better get off line and get to work.

Edited to correct a typo.

Friday, January 18, 2008

On the Road, Day 2

This is short as The Cupcake is sleeping on me so I'm typing with one hand.

We got into R-town last night a little later than we wanted. We were in our room at the Hampton Inn at 7pm. We went out to Chevy's for dinner (so that The Biscuit could have a quesadilla) and were back in the room by 9pm. Our tv died promptly at 9:05pm. We survived, but since our tv was packed on the truck long before we were on the road, we were looking forward to a little entertainment.

True to form, we got up at about 8:30am, but still were rushing to get out by our 11am check out time. Both kids were kind enough to have their poopy diapers there in the room instead of in their car seats. We headed out and got gas, bought milk, got pan-handled, ate at In 'n Out Burger, then finally hit the road. About 2 miles later I realized that I hadn't put my wedding ring back on after my shower. Thank goodness that "My Biscuit's Daddy" got us walkie-talkies so I could tell him to pull off of I-5. I called the hotel and they went to the room and found it for me. So back we went.

When you add that morning to The Cupcake getting her two upper front teeth and screaming with what turned out to be jealousy as we went through the the highest mountain pass on I-5 (Google it if you must) because The Biscuit had a snack cup of O's and she didn't, you can see why we ended up stopping in M-ville again instead of pressing on to E-town or R-burg. We learned our lesson though and we are staying at the recently remodeled Hampton Inn instead of the (totally yucky) Shilo Inn that we stayed at on our last trip. Tonight we had Dairy Queen for dinner in our room. We're exhausted, but the tv works so we are waiting to watch Bill Maher on HBO at 11pm.

We should be in the new house tomorrow night!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Still Packing

We are all sneezing and have runny noses and coughs. I think we are all allergic to this house that we are packing up. That's right, we've been home since the 21st of December and we are STILL PACKING. Never move out of state in the winter with small children.

That's all I have time for.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

3 Gifts was Enough for Jesus

I took a moment this morning to read some OMSH about Christmas gifts and how less is more. As I read and nodded my head "YES!" I came across this in a comment by Amber:

...each child gets pajamas from the pajama fairy on Christmas eve, then on Christmas day they get three gifts (the rationalization is that three was enough for Jesus so it's enough for us) from santa/mom and dad. As we've had more kids they now trade names so they'll get one more gift from a sibling.

Oh, yes! That sounds like the best plan ever! It would be so nice if those pj's were made by me. And it would certainly be easy to make sure that 3 gifts per kid were handmade in America. I am officially stealing that plan.

But what to do about the grandparents? This year, thanks to the move, our wish list was "don't get us anything because we don't want any more than we already have to pack." My mom and step-dad gave us money (very unexpected and very helpful with the move!), but my mother-in-law can. not. stop. She actually said it was a small Christmas this year, but there was yet another sweatshirt from her for each of us. I don't think that she knows she's gotten us one every year for as long as I can remember. While it's true we are moving to a colder place, we are also moving to a place without a hall closet. I'm not sure if I can leave them here with the other charity donations because when she finds out it's going to hurt her feelings. I think all the coats may come with us to go to a charity up there where it's colder. And she did get us gift certificates, but had to also buy clothes and books and stuffed animals for the kids. Mind you, we are talking about a 2.5 yo that could care less about unwrapping things and hates stuffed animals, he was happy to sit by the fire and hang out with us, and an 8mo who has no idea what's up with "stuff". But back to Amber who has the best idea for over-indulging grandparents:

Grandparents still spoil- but this year especially we’ve asked them for cold weather clothes that the girls need- or passes to the zoo or the children’s museum. We don’t need more stuff that could be recalled in a month.

THAT last sentence would get my mother-in-law's attention. And the fact that these are activities where the kids would get out would grab my mom's attention. Finally, a solution that should work. At least if I can get up the guts to tell them that for anything that comes into the house something else has to go out AND make them understand that the something that goes out might be something from them that still fits or functions just fine.