Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm tired

It's been an day again. We had a home visit from The Biscuit's teacher, which is always wonderful. He thinks she's great. Today she brought a stacking ring toy, something simple that he has only seen once at his cousin's house. And oh does he love it! In fact, he only napped because I put it in his play yard with him. He passed out with the red one in his hand. I could move the others away from his head so he could roll over in his sleep, but he wouldn't give that one up.

Sadly, he woke up very demanding, not happy, and the weather matched his mood. At least after a diaper change and some dancing his mood improved, but the weather is still foul.

I sat down to finish reading today's blog roll and came across this entry from Mom on a Wire. She really hit home today. I so relate to wanting some time off, or at least getting paid minimum wage! She made me cry. I think we'll go have a snack and see if we can't get in better moods before GrandmaP gets here to go grocery shopping with us.

Hope your day is better than we've had.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Biscuit's second Halloween

Halloween was an interesting day. We took The Biscuit to his cardiologist and got good news/bad news. The good news is that he doesn't have to take meds any more. This means that I don't have to get up at 1am, which usually meant trying to stay up since I had slept through medicine time once or twice. The bad news is that [blah, blah, blah about private medical details] they are going to do an angiogram. Yes, back to the hospital and under general anesthesia.

So how was your afternoon yesterday? All in all, our evening was much better than our afternoon.

We didn't go out trick or treating. We stayed home to hand out candy. Sadly, my husband had to work late to make up for the time we were at the doctor's, so I was home alone with The Biscuit. We ate Joe's O's (Trader Joe's version of Cheerios -- which I think taste exactly the same) and yogurt and waited for the doorbell to ring. The Biscuit apparently thought it was quite funny that I was giving people stuff and not letting them in because he laughed almost every time I closed the door.

Today was pretty good. I'm absolutely sure that this whole going back to the hospital thing has not even begun to sink into my brain. We had a fairly normal day, including The Biscuit falling asleep for his nap by himself. It doesn't happen often, and is so wonderful when it does. He was yawning but feeling rambunctious, and would not sit still in the glider with me. I was exhausted. So I put him in his play yard and laid down next to it with my pillow and blanket and went to sleep. One of the times I woke to check on him he was out too. Sometimes I think he needs to see an example.

After our nap we went down to have tuna sandwiches for lunch and then I tried an experiment. I attempted to eat a Kit-Kat the "proper" way per Daring Young Mom's instructions. It didn't work. Maybe it's because it was the little treat size, or it's just because I don't like milk chocolate enough to eat it without the wafer. Either way the experiment was called off in the middle of the second part of the Kit-Kat. Mom and Biscuit celebrated with a banana and milk and then we went to play in the living room.