Sunday, September 04, 2011

I Love My Bike

I haven't written in ages and I have so many reasons why that I'm no longer sure exactly why I'm not writing. None of them has a large enough piece of the pie that it stands out as The Reason; there are so many reasons that I don't even have the energy to list them. So I'm not going to. I'm just going to dive in and start writing from now without catching you up. Anything that's important will come up again.


Seriously, I changed my photo on Twitter from my kids and me Family biking to a photo of my bike. Let me try to put it into perspective: imagine your dream car. Not the car that you think you might be able to afford and that would be practical, but your DREAM car. It's thousands of dollars that you just cannot spend. You do not have it. And then, one year later, you've been saving and saving and saving and you find a used one for only 2/3 the price. You can buy it now. You can pay cash. Sure it's an older model, there have been two model years since then, but it's a beauty. So you do it. You have your dream.

Now imagine that your dream car makes it possible to take your kids to the grocery store. It's not a small personal conveyance. Your Ferrari or Porsche or whatever-it-is can hold your kids and all the stuff you could want to carry quite easily and it is STILL a dream to drive.

Now maybe you can understand why and how much I love my bike.

*Now* it feels like my bike