Monday, May 28, 2007

Spreading the word

I followed the link on Owlhaven's post today and I want to spread the word to more people.

Most of the time I fall on the side of going ahead with vaccines, but this doesn't sound good at all. I feel like I need to check into exactly who Judicial Watch is, and if they have their own agenda, but my first reaction is that this vaccine needs to be pulled. Now.


  1. Mothering magazine had a good article on the HPV vaccine last month. It was fairly objective, and broughtup good concerns and things to consider before getting it. Interesting stuff to read!

    We err on the other side, with not getting vaccines, especially since Max had a mild reaction with the one we did give him...I think the important thing is just to do research and make an educated decision that is right for your family, since everyone is different and has different needs, as you well know!

  2. Ack. Reminds me of back when women were dying of blood clots from the birth control patch. And yet it is still on the market.

  3. You've been tagged! Check out my new Panjo blog for details...


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