Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Real Moms, Part 2 -- TMI?

Just a warning, this may be Too Much Info for some. And no, I'm not posting a photo.

Sadly, real moms leak right through breast pads in the first days. Luckily they have genius husbands who say, "Why don't you put one of her diapers in there?" Ah, the comfort! No breast pad is as soft as a Pampers! I had used cloth diapers in my bra with The Biscuit to help apply pressure and to absorb during the lovely engorgement phase, but they weren't working this time. The milk came in faster and there was even more this time. So even when I would sleep for 2 hours I would wake in a puddle. Yuck. But the Pampers solved the trick. Ah, dry sleep.

So, real moms have boobs the size of a newborn's butt and, therefore, Pampers lining a bra solve a big messy problem.


  1. Oh happy day! She's here! I've been stalking like a madwoman every day waiting to hear an update on how the four of you are doing.

    Congrats again! She is lovely.

  2. Oh those milky new-mom days...I remember them well! Using Pampers as pads is a brilliant move!

  3. Some real moms have boobs the size of a newborn. My husbands great idea was to use a cut up shower curtain for changing pads. Cheap, highly portable, and one curtain makes about 8 very large pieces. My own great idea, which is a little more akin to yours, is using a breast pad or panytliner for sticking to the underarm of my shirts. I have hyperhydrosis, so I sweat more that anyone, and I usually change my shirt at least 3 times a day. Although when I'm nervous, maybe I'll try Pampers...


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