Wednesday, March 28, 2007

View from my bed-chair

I don't know what happened with Beth and her blog, but I wanted to put this up to show that I really did put her poem up in my son's hospital room (with permission of course -- and that's Gumball the Kitten next to it). This was my view when I would get up in the morning. Well, when I would get up the second time. They sent a tech and a mobile x-ray machine around at 6am every morning and since I'm pregnant I always had to get up and wait far away until they were done. Then I could go back in, help The Biscuit settle, and we could get a bit more sleep. But by the time I was awake and my husband was there with my Starbucks' hot chocolate, this is what I saw. Pretty nice view if you can forget that you're sitting in a Pediatric ICU.

Awake My Soul by Beth
Here's a close-up of the poem. It's big enough to read over on Flickr if it isn't here.


  1. That's wonderful! How is little Biscuit doing? Is he recovering well?

    I forwarded your message to Beth. She burned out with blogging and did a way with it all. I will be sure that she gets here to see this.

  2. Karen -- Thanks for asking, The Biscuit is doing very well. Some kids regress during a hospital stay, but we are lucky in that he seems to make developmental leaps (at least once the mind-altering meds are stopped). He started signing 2 & 3 sign sentences there and he's progressing quite nicely. Even his surgeon (a quite stoic man) was impressed.

    Glad to hear that it Beth is just taking a break from blogging and is still out there somewhere. Thanks for forwarding my message.

  3. With tears streaming down my face....I can't tell you how special it is for me that you put something I wrote in the room of your beautiful child. It moves me in ways I cannot express. Thank you for allowing me to be there with you during this difficult time.

    God be with you all!!

  4. Beth -- Aw, shucks, I didn't mean to make you cry. But the next time you think "Eh, I don't have the time/energy/will to write down the poem in my head" think of me!


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