Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Autism Speaks video from Five for Fighting

"Yay" to Heather from OMSH for her post that led me to this video about Autism by Five for Fighting. I didn't see the info on the video page about the band donating money, but I'm willing to take her word for it. Besides, I heard a great song and learned a little, and what's so wrong with that?

I have to admit that I do have one concern though: do we really want a world where everyone with every kind of difference is cured? I've been through this with deafness, I've been through this with Down syndrome. I haven't yet learned how Autism would be different. In my opinion it would be better if we could accept people who have differences and learn to value their outlook on the world as equally valid to the "normal" way of seeing things. On the other hand, I can imagine that Autism can be (emotionally if not physically) painful for those who have it. I certainly wish that pain could be removed, but... I want a world with unique people who have interesting perspectives.


  1. My son is severely autistic. That is his actual diagnosis. The danger to his safety posed by walking in front of cars, breaking glass and mirrors with his hands or banging his head against solid objects is not always apparent to him. He does not have a basic grasp of language like the "Internet Autistics" who are opposed to cures. When I can no longer care for him, or when I am deceased he will live in a facility cared for by strangers.

    Would I cure his autism if I could.

    In a heartbeat.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. This is what I meant by not knowing how Autism would be different. I really appreciate you sharing your point of view.

    I should also say that we are very fortunate in that The Biscuit seems to have only very mild delays due to his Down syndrome. We are on the lucky end of the Ds spectrum. I'm sure there are parents of children with Ds who would wholeheartedly agree with you and think I'm bonkers. I didn't mean to act like I represent anyone but myself.

    Heck, my aunt, the mother of my 3 deaf cousins, would think I'm INSANE for not seeing deafness as a defect that should be cured as well. I've been lucky enough to meet enough culturally Deaf people to understand the value of their different perspective on whether hearing is crucial to experiencing life fully. She still sees her children (who are fully-functioning adults with children of their own) as broken. And that's what really breaks my heart.

    I think my perspective comes from not seeing The Biscuit as broken, just as different. Again, we aren't in a position (at least yet) where we think he won't be able to function on his own as an adult, so we are very lucky.

  3. I think the video was nice. My son has Asperger's. I am of the opinion that my son doesn't need to be "cured"...however, reading what the first commenter wrote makes it very clear, that there is no black and white in this issue.


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