Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Mommy-Brain is not full of junk -- or empty!

I just read Meagan Francis's article on The HUB and was amazed at how much better it made me feel. Like a spring breeze on a warm day (yes, we are having some great weather recently) I feel validated and renewed.

If you want to read more of her writing check out her blog. I think I originally found her through an article about Mommy Bloggers in Parenting Magazine. I think. Some details are foggy. I'm still going to use Pregnant-Mommy-Brain as an excuse.

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  1. Hello!

    I'm writing to see if you mind if I link to your blog; the reason I ask is that it will bring other parents of children with Down syndrome to your blog, and I don't know if that's something you'd like or want.

    I'm at Pinwheels,

    And thanks for the link about mommy brain. I like to think that my brain has just expanded to include the really important stuff...


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