Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Keep them in 5-point harnesses!

I've seen this video once before, but now she's donating money based on people leaving comments. Go look at the video and learn why it's important to keep kids in 5-point harness restraints until they are 80 pounds.

Don't watch without some nice, soft Puffs with Lotion though.

Then leave a comment to up the donation by $3. All it costs you is a little time and you learn so much.


  1. HI! I wanted to say thank you for wanting to print my poem out. In fact, it brings me to tears that it touched you in such a way that you would like it with your son. Thanks for asking and yes. Please. If it brings you comfort while your son in there, then enjoy.

  2. I wish *I* could wear a five point restraint in the car. But alas, only in the race car, where it's required...and I don't even race any more!


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