Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Ds Info

I found a wonderful blog tonight through a Down syndrome bilingual Yahoo group I belong to. The dad posted a message about this article that talks about bilingualism and delay of the onset of dementia to the group and included his blog URL in his signature. (In case you don't know, dementia is of interest to the group because Alzheimer rates in people with Down syndrome is relatively high compared to the general population.)

After reading the article I looked at his blog. There aren't a lot of entries but they make the ones that are there count. There was an entry about a friendship club at a Southern California high school, another about an article I had already read in the NY Times about people with Down syndrome going to college, and two posts about a couple with Down syndrome that got married.

That last entry really intrigued me so I followed the links off to see the husband's website (classical music will start to play when the site loads -- he's a musician). There I found his page that has a video of his proposal, which certainly made me cry! I'm not sure how I found it but I also read the story on Time Magazine's site about their wedding and looked at the photos too.

I found so many treasures at this blog that I just felt a need to share. There was more, not necessarily as uplifting, that I found through their blog, but these were the wonderful parts that had me crying and smiling.


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  2. Kyouell, thanks for visiting my site today. The gal that posted a comment above you, she reposted a couple below you to re-clarify. Just thought you might like to know.

  3. I love your profile pic! I have found so many friends through yahoo webgroups- it's so wonderful to "relate" to people in similar situations as I had with my son. I have never heard about dementia being common among those with DS. My close friend's brother has DS and growing up he was always a joy. He continues to do well today!


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