Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stop Global Warming

I got an email from a friend today about this online "virtual march" to help stop global warming. Usually I would think that an online march isn't going to do much, but they aren't asking for money so I decided to sign up. Turns out they have some really cool ideas about how individuals can be making a difference in their everyday lives. I was surprised to see how many of their suggestions are things I already do. Made me feel pretty good.

Go check them out... sign up... and look for the carbon calculator to see how you can change how much CO2 you release into the atmosphere. I tried to put their random action item banner on this page, but blogger won't let me. If anyone knows how I can do it I would love to learn. Here is the link and this is the html that blogger won't let me use (I removed the <> characters around the tags):

script src=""



  1. My Biscuit&#39;s Daddy27 July, 2006 23:48

    <script src="">


  2. Right... Mentioning that I removed the <> characters was supposed to indicate I know they should be there. But when they are there Blogger says that it is not cool and wouldn't accept my post. Here is the error message:

    Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: [then the properly formatted link goes here]

    I get the exact same error trying to put the link in a comment. How did you put it in your comment?


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