Thursday, July 20, 2006


So, it turns out that I have no sense of humor. At least when it comes to the word "retard." The Biscuit has Down syndrome and, therefore, will have some degree of mental retardation. To have someone just off and call me a retard was like getting punched in the gut. Well, maybe not; I've never been punched in the gut that hard. It was like getting hit in the stomach with the ball when you are playing 4-square hard enough to have your feet knocked out from under you so that you hit the ground chin first, then sliding down the driveway you are playing on so that your jawbone cuts its way out of your body from the inside. That I have lived through. When I was 9. I just didn't realize I was back on a playground. At least not with that guy.

I thought that my post was clear enough that I was aware I might be falling for some sarcasm. Apparently not clear enough for one person though, since it was proof for him that I'm a retard.

But see for yourself.

Oh, and then he's got nothing to comment on about the next post, except for this? Ah, what a literary contribution! Playground bully. And I didn't say I was going away, just that I wasn't going to comment anymore.

Feel free to tell me that I have no sense of humor, but as you can see from the title I already know that.


  1. Oh wow. You should know that anyone else would feel the same as you, that yummy punched in the gut feeling. If you read anything by MPH, you'll know he's piss and vinegar through and through. He thinks that's part of his charm. I believe his second comment was a veiled attempt at admitting he sucked. (Believe it or not.)

    Don't feel bad that you feel bad. I feel bad, too!

  2. He's an ass who happens to be funny sometimes....just not THAT time.

  3. Well, maybe he'll think twice about using the term "retard" again. Or maybe not, who knows! I hate that phrase, I can only imagine how much it made you want to throw up.

    Interesting, I used the term "spazzing out" in a post on MDC and was told that it is offensive- apparently there is something called spastic disorder that her kids have and people who know of this disorder are offended by the term spaz. I totally can understand, and changed my post. But I had no idea!

    I know this isnt the case with the "retard" comment- Just thought it was interesting to share.


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