Friday, July 14, 2006

The Spider Bite, Part 1

We think I got a spider bite. I thought that I got a splinter from our dining room table, but there was nothing sticking out above the surface of my skin. This was the first night that we used The Biscuit's new seat so that we could all sit at the table for a meal. I had wanted to put him on the side of the table for stability's sake but this chair hooks to the table and the mechanism for adding the leaf was in the way. All I can think about is how horrible it would be if this had happened to a 1-year-old who wouldn't be able to tell Mom & Dad what's wrong. I'm so glad that this place ended up being my seat and not his!

Here's my spider bite right after it happened. Very tadpole-like swelling.

After 45 minutes it was very red, especially to the left of the bite site, which was weird because that was opposite from the direction it looked like the poison had gone.

This was also 45 minutes after I felt the bite. This angle was to show that the swelling has increased and is more round.

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  1. Yikes! I hear ya on being glad it was you and not Biscuit... Often when Max is crying or fussy I think of all the tiny things that COULD be hurting him without us knowing. Ahhh, can't wait for the day when he can sign "hurt"! Oh, and funny tadpole shape... you say tadpole, I say.... well, I must have pregnancy and babies on my mind, cause my first thought is it's a little sperm!


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