Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Visitor

One of the highlights of our trip was waking up to a voice mail message on my cell phone from the alarm company. One of our motion detectors had gone off. I called them back and told them we were in California and asked could they tell me any more? Just that the police had been called and we were safe to assume that the police had found nothing since the police had not called the alarm company back. Yeah, right. So we called the police dept and got basically the same answer. The officer had found nothing. Had he looked in the backyard? Oh, of course, they always do that. Uh-huh.

As our trip continued we realized that the zone that had gone off was the one that is incorrectly labeled as a motion sensor and is really a door or window -- we couldn't remember which. Great.

So when we arrived home my husband walked all through the house and all around the house and found nothing. Ok, must have been nothing.

About 6 hours later (I think), after having been out in the mud room numerous times to tend to laundry, guess what flew from the mud room into the kitchen? A bat. That's right, a frickin' bat! We finally convinced it to go back to the mud room where we could shut it off from the rest of the house. Then my husband went around and opened the back door and eventually convinced it that outside was better than inside.

Good times. At least when the alarm went off it wasn't a false alarm. At least no one got bit. My advice is to not leave unscreened doors and windows open when packing a car at night for a trip. Or to get screens. I know I really want them now.


  1. You neglected to mention how your DH screamed like a girl when the bat came flying right at him and so he closed the door to block, effectively locking the bat in the kitchen with you for a terrifying few seconds while leaving him in the relative safety of the mudroom.

    And if you're going to mention that you might mention your expletive-laden oh-no-you-dih-int of disbelief and dismay.

    Oh, and the fangs. Better mention the razor sharp fangs dripping with poison.

    On the bat.

    Not you.


  2. Hey, you're the silly one telling everybody on all the interwebs that you screamed like a girl and I called you on it.

    I saw no fangs. In fact, I thought it was a bird at first, which may explain my lack of screaming and why my first thought was to open the back door and let the poor thing out.

    But that flying in a regular circle was *not* bird-like.

    And thank you for not mentioning that I have razor sharp fangs that drip poison. That's probably next week or the week after; I'm perfectly nice this week. I'll let you know when it's time to buy onion dip and Ruffles.


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