Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HABA recall (old news)

I'm just getting caught up on my news from the gov't. We've been given several HABA toys as gifts. Ooh, they're wood! Ooh, they're from Germany, not China! Yet they are still subject to recalls. Just in case you are like me and think that you had found a "safe" brand of toy. Sigh.

CPSC HABA recall info with pictures.


  1. We love Haba in our house and will continue to buy them. We get ours at Landbridge Toys.

    Landbridge Toys

  2. Hmmm, Anonymous, are you Shelley or Gary Steinberg?

  3. Anonymous comments are now turned off. Because if you have something to say (or sell) you can at least bother to say who you are.


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