Monday, January 07, 2008

Still Packing

We are all sneezing and have runny noses and coughs. I think we are all allergic to this house that we are packing up. That's right, we've been home since the 21st of December and we are STILL PACKING. Never move out of state in the winter with small children.

That's all I have time for.


  1. We just got back from P-Town. You guys will love it there, I think! If I had to move towns again, it would be to live there. I'm still waiting for you to come hang out with us over on our private board...we all miss you and would love to get caught up whenever you have the energy and get settled in! Have a good move!

  2. Thanks for reminding me, Grace. It had fallen out of my head.

    We have decided that "Come Hell or High Water" we are getting out of here today. So I'll do my best to get on and say hi before my hubby packs up my computer!

  3. I've done two cross-town moves in the last few years and that was bad enough! I definitely feel for you, K.

    Good luck in your travels!


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