Tuesday, January 01, 2008

3 Gifts was Enough for Jesus

I took a moment this morning to read some OMSH about Christmas gifts and how less is more. As I read and nodded my head "YES!" I came across this in a comment by Amber:

...each child gets pajamas from the pajama fairy on Christmas eve, then on Christmas day they get three gifts (the rationalization is that three was enough for Jesus so it's enough for us) from santa/mom and dad. As we've had more kids they now trade names so they'll get one more gift from a sibling.

Oh, yes! That sounds like the best plan ever! It would be so nice if those pj's were made by me. And it would certainly be easy to make sure that 3 gifts per kid were handmade in America. I am officially stealing that plan.

But what to do about the grandparents? This year, thanks to the move, our wish list was "don't get us anything because we don't want any more than we already have to pack." My mom and step-dad gave us money (very unexpected and very helpful with the move!), but my mother-in-law can. not. stop. She actually said it was a small Christmas this year, but there was yet another sweatshirt from her for each of us. I don't think that she knows she's gotten us one every year for as long as I can remember. While it's true we are moving to a colder place, we are also moving to a place without a hall closet. I'm not sure if I can leave them here with the other charity donations because when she finds out it's going to hurt her feelings. I think all the coats may come with us to go to a charity up there where it's colder. And she did get us gift certificates, but had to also buy clothes and books and stuffed animals for the kids. Mind you, we are talking about a 2.5 yo that could care less about unwrapping things and hates stuffed animals, he was happy to sit by the fire and hang out with us, and an 8mo who has no idea what's up with "stuff". But back to Amber who has the best idea for over-indulging grandparents:

Grandparents still spoil- but this year especially we’ve asked them for cold weather clothes that the girls need- or passes to the zoo or the children’s museum. We don’t need more stuff that could be recalled in a month.

THAT last sentence would get my mother-in-law's attention. And the fact that these are activities where the kids would get out would grab my mom's attention. Finally, a solution that should work. At least if I can get up the guts to tell them that for anything that comes into the house something else has to go out AND make them understand that the something that goes out might be something from them that still fits or functions just fine.


  1. I know a lot of people who say: "Something they want, something they need, something to wear, somethign to read" Maybe the grandparents could go with that?

  2. Hey! I saw your incoming link. Just and FYI. The forewarning with grandparents worked with my mom (yay for a zoo membership!) but not with the IL's. Of course they'll need some more training. After useless (expensive) gifts from them my husband has decided to ask them to send a book for the girls and deposit money into their educational IRA's. For gifts for us the same thing- money for the kids IRA's. I told him that it was his deal- I tried to convince them no toys and was unsuccessful.

    I'm glad you like my gift receiving ideas. :)

  3. Thanks for the additional tips. I have a feeling we are going to need to put them into action before The Cupcake's first birthday in April.


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