Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Let the Homeschooling Begin!

Last night I tweeted this in an effort to save myself some googling:

(As an aside, since their Evil Agreement with Verizon, I'm not going out of my way to capitalize or avoid using the word "google" as a verb.)

This morning I found these fantabulous tweets waiting for me:

I love Twitter, I love Portland, I think I'm going to love homeschooling. I think having goals to shoot for will give me some purpose instead of just vague "learning" -- although I don't want to miss out on opportunities for random learning that pop up. I'm very excited to start down this path, and feel SO MUCH BETTER than I have since May when I was ambushed with a Kindergarten IEP. I bet I haven't blogged about that. I think  I should, but no time today. I have laundry to fold while we wait for an ugly storm cloud to pass so we can go to the store. I wonder how many lessons will naturally happen during the trip to the store if I'm paying attention to counting them?