Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ear bud zipper

I got inspired quite awhile ago to solve the "my wires get tangled when I put my ear buds away in my backpack" problem by this lovely post by Lau Pre (tweeted by @SisterDiane -- my siren of crafting).

I did things slightly differently because of the backpack, but it worked great. If you want to do it my way you only need a 12" zipper. I didn't separate the wires because I still wanted to thread it through the headphone wire slot on my backpack and I thought a single wire would work best; I needed to control the bit that was already separate. Other than that I did just what she said and it works, and looks, great.

Here they are unzipped.

And here they are all zipped up.

This is after I reinstalled the wire in my backpack.

It's easy to fold it into the pocket now to store them.

Nice and neat!

Go check out the simple instructions and do it yourself. All you need are a zipper, needle, thread & scissors.


  1. Thank you. I thought the cloth diaper as a backdrop was especially fetching.

  2. Wha?! You're back??? I've missed you so much! Yaaaay!!! I was literally thinking about you this morning and wondering at how big the Biscuit and Cupcake must be now. Oh joy!

  3. this is genius.

  4. It *is* genius. And after using them for a month or so I can tell you that they work as good as they look.


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