Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tomato Soup

I made this soup last night and polished off the rest of it today.  I would have taken photos, but it broke a little and while tasting fantastic it looked a little funny.  Weird, but so what, it tasted great!

I found this recipe at Winker thanks to a Google search.  Here's what she did:
Homemade Cream of Tomato Soup
1 onion, chopped
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
half a cup of cream or milk
1 cup chicken broth
1/8 tsp baking soda
1 can diced tomatoes (14 oz)
salt, pepper, and sugar to taste

Melt butter in a saucepan. Cook the onions in the butter gently until they are softened and translucent (maybe 15 minutes). Stir in the flour until it's completely combined with the butter. Gradually stir in the cream or milk and the broth. Mix in the baking soda and heat through. Add the tomatoes with their juice and puree with a stick blender. Heat through and add salt, sugar, and pepper to taste.

I didn't have a can of diced tomatoes, I had a can of organic tomato sauce.  And I didn't feel like getting out my immersion blender when I was using sauce anyway... besides I like onions.  So I minced the onion as finely as possible and just skipped that whole blending thing.  When adding the seasonings at the end I skipped the salt since the sauce I used has salt in it. It was good.  Even my non-tomato soup eating husband thought it was good - for tomato soup.  I think that was saying a lot.  I thought it was so nummy I needed to post about it.

Now if I could just get either kid to eat soup.  Hints welcome!

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  1. I hated tomato soup when I was a kid, and could only eat it if a grilled cheese was dipped into it (but had to be quick, or the sandwich got soggy and that was gross). You could try floating a few pepperonis in the bowl and sprinkle cheese. Then it'd be like pizza. Yes, I got that idea from the Campbell's commercial.


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