Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A reason not to Homeschool?

I've been daydreaming about homeschooling my kids since before I got pregnant. Now that The Biscuit is in preschool and hating it -- I have to stay with him the whole time or he's just a panic attack in the corner -- I'm fighting myself not to pull him.

Now I run across this story and it makes me think that what I should be doing is getting him out of the house every day at school time, even though school is only twice a week. Once he gets that this is the routine I know he'll be ok, but 2 days a week is not enough of a routine that he's going to grasp it quickly. Then we have breaks because I needed to go on a trip and we came home and got sick and it really makes less sense to him. I think that he thinks that school is over. Whew, got through that. Sorry, little dude. Not *even* the case. And I don't need you regressing when you are 25. Not that I blame the parents in the story. In their case I think I would have made the exact same choices. But it sure makes me wonder what I'm setting him up for if I don't get him up and outta here every single day.


  1. yikes. it always makes me a little sad when i'm reminded of how poorly we care for adults with disabilities, and how few options there are. i suppose we'll cross that bridge when we get there...


  2. Yes, Jennifer, exactly. What is it on the Colorado ballot, Prop 51? Amendment 51? It's frightening to think that a state full of hippies (an assumption I'm making because of the low vaccination rates and because I'm trying to lighten my mood) are spending so little that people are waiting on lists for DECADES before getting services. Where's the commune-style love, people?

    We had it so good in California, and I just didn't know. I keep racking up places that we just can't move to.


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