Wednesday, April 16, 2008

He is ours and that is that.

I was getting caught up on Sweet|Salty Kate and that led my brain to this:

I get comments like "How do you do it?" and I wonder that these people think I had a choice. The Biscuit is who we got. He is ours and that is that. Then I run across a woman who is adopting a boy with Down syndrome because his bio parents decided to only take home the typical twin from the hospital. It makes me wonder what that NICU nurse who mentioned there are waiting lists of people that want to adopt a baby with Down syndrome was really trying to say; was she offering me a choice?

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  1. I don't know if she was trying to give us a choice or not. But I know I was glad to hear other people actively sought DS babies. For one thing I never had to feel awkward or doubt myself for loving the Biscuit. And for another, I think knowing there were people in the world who would want him if we couldn't handle things made it easier to try.

  2. That is the same thing that I thought at the time. It's only now that I wonder if it was her way of broaching a difficult subject. To other parents her comment might have been met with a sigh of relief and questions about how to meet those people.

  3. I know you can't hear it enough, so I'll say it again so you'll have it front in your mind, but the Biscuit is the luckiest Biscuit on the earth to have you both.

  4. sorry I'm so late to say thank you for commenting on my blog (and reading). Our situations are obviously quite different, but I really dislike the "you're so strong" and "I couldn't do it" comments because you're right -- I'm just an average Joe(lina) who got socked with a mess of sh*t. And it's pretty amazing what a human will do with faced with adversity. Like you said, it's what I got. (And like one of the other deadbaby bloggers said, "and that's the easy part to figure out.")

  5. Tash always beats me to it. We handle what we're given.


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