Monday, December 25, 2006


First, we are back from the hospital and The Biscuit is doing well. It was an interesting trip. We only expected to be there overnight at the most and he had to stay 3 nights. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who let his pregnant wife come home and sleep in our bed while he slept at the hospital. That part of this scary experience was wonderful.

What I really wanted to take a second to write about was sewing machines. Very Mom / Kerflop had a discussion about sewing machines and sergers and I missed out on making a comment. Since it's not a topic I want to keep quiet about I thought I'd just write my own post. Feel free to go and read the discussion for yourself if you'd like.

Being from a family that sells and repairs sewing machines and vacuums means I have a fairly strong opinion on this. I wouldn't want anything but a Singer from back when they were actually made in the US and had some weight to them. As far as sergers go, my mom got me one exactly like hers -- a White BabyLock -- and I would be totally chicken to use something that I couldn't call and ask her a question about.

Didn't take much room, but I had to get it out there. Oh, and if Kerflop herself comes over to see who linked to her entry I have one more idea. Why not look for a shop that does repairs and not just a dealer? You would be amazed at what some manufacturers require of a small shop in order for the shop to call themselves a dealer. Very high sales volume and sometimes exclusively selling their products. My uncle's shop started out as my grandpa's Singer dealership, but I'm not even sure if they are able to call themselves that anymore, because of the volume required. And frankly, people want to buy their machines at Wal-Mart and then throw them away instead of have them repaired. It's more of a problem with vacuums, but still, that's the mind-set out there so it's really hard for a small family business to sell enough product to be called a "dealer" -- and I'm guessing that the same is true in Idaho as it is here in Northern California.


  1. Thank you! I ended up cleaning it myself - go me! And it's working beautifully. I also found a repair/cleaning place here in town - earlier I'd called around and every sewing machine place told me they couldn't service Necchi machines, and said I'd have to take it into the dealer. But the Bernina place will service it if I ever need them to.

  2. What happened at the hospital? You're pregnant? (congrats!) I am a bad, bad blog reader!


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